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More clients and your business on AI Autopilot.

"You should be working on your business, not in your business", they say...

As an entrepreneur, you find yourself doing all the work.

Coming up with a business strategy, creating marketing plans, writing content, publishing on Social Media, generating new leads and the list goes on.

"But how can I free up time to focus on the more important tasks in my business?"

Identify and automate repetitive tasks with your individual AI Assistant!

In the era of Artificial Intelligence, you don't have to do everything yourself.

Imagine you have an intelligent helper, who knows your business and does the work for you!

Advantages of an individual GPT Assistant

Enhanced Customer Engagement

By providing highly relevant and insightful content, it boosts engagement, fostering a stronger connection between your brand and your audience.

A custom-trained GPT assistant elevates your content with insights and nuances tailored to your brand, offering a competitive edge that generic ChatGPT simply can't match.

Personalization at Scale

A custom-trained content marketing assistant delivers messages that are tailored not just in tone but packed with the specific nuances of your business, offering a personalized touch that resonates deeply with your target audience.

In-depth Knowledge

Unlike the general ChatGPT, a custom version comes equipped with detailed knowledge about your products, services, industry trends, and market insights, making its content more relevant and authoritative.

Efficiency & Time-saving

It significantly reduces the time and effort required to manually adjust content to fit your brand voice, as the custom assistant automatically generates brand-aligned communications.

Adaptability & Learning

A custom-trained assistant can continually learn from interactions, feedback, and evolving market trends, ensuring that your content strategy remains cutting-edge.

SEO Optimization

Tailored to understand your SEO strategy, it can produce content optimized for search engines, driving more organic traffic to your site.

What we’re good at?

Growing Professional Network

Join our community of professionals and learn about successful AI use cases.

As a leading provider of AI Marketing training programs we empower business owners, marketers and teams to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence. We enable them to integrate AI into their workflows - producing faster and better results.

Always up to date

Through a large network of AI developers and experts in the field we are always informed about the latest changes and are able to present you the best tools and strategies.

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AI Training & Education

Specialized in equipping businesses, teams, freelancers and marketers with the skills and knowledge to leverage AI technologies for better and faster results.

AI Ethics & Compliance

Providing guidance and support to ensure that AI technologies and processes are used ethically and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


Transforming a traditional Marketing Agency into an automated AI Powerhouse

Facing the challenges of a dynamic industry, we at Start Scale Now recognized the potential of Artificial Intelligence early.

Step by step we integrated AI automation into our own strategies, operations and service offerings. This transformation not only enhanced our efficiency and effectiveness but also positioned us at the forefront of the marketing industry, setting a benchmark for others to follow.

Read our case study on how we approached AI Innovation and Change within our Marketing Agency.

Alissa Gehrig, Creative Head & AI Automation Expert @Start Scale Now

Our approach


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We conduct an AI readiness assessment to evaulate your current marketing infrastructure and processes and get clear on the scope of your consulting & training needs.

Development of individual AI Consulting Roadmap and training programs for your business & teams

There is no one fits all approach on consulting and training corporations on how to implement Artificial Intellingence into their Marketing operations. That's why our team of AI experts develops an individual step by step approach based on your needs.

Your individual consulting plan and training program is ready!

You and your team can now start learning, applying and implementing AI in your daily work!



Happy clients

John Mc Connor - E-Commerce Entrepreneur

"Diving into eCommerce, I quickly learned that success isn't just about having great products; it's about making sure the right people hear the right message at the right time. Enter Start Scale Now's tailored content marketing assistant, my game-changer.

Skeptical at first, I was amazed by how it seemed to 'get' my brand and customers, producing content that wasn't just engaging but spot-on with our voice and values. The results? Better engagement, higher conversions, and a significant uptick in customer loyalty.

But the real win? It freed me up to focus on what I love: innovating and growing my business. To any eCommerce entrepreneur feeling swamped or stuck, this isn't just another tool—it's your secret weapon for navigating the competitive seas of online retail."

Anna Claudio - Social Media Marketing Freelancer

"As a freelancer specializing in social media marketing, finding a balance between creativity, client demands, and the fast-paced digital world can be quite the tightrope walk. That's where my experience with Start Scale Now's tailored content marketing assistant truly turned the game around for me.

From the moment I started using this AI assistant, I felt as if I had an extra pair of hands, or better yet, an extra brain that not only understood the intricacies of my work but also the unique voice and needs of each of my clients. The AI's ability to dive deep into the data and come out with insights tailored specifically for my projects was nothing short of revolutionary.

What impressed me the most was how the content generated felt personalized and authentic. It was as if the AI had been part of my team for years, understanding not just the trends but the very soul of my clients' brands. The efficiency and precision it brought to my workflow allowed me to scale my operations without compromising the quality of my work.

The result? Happier clients, more engaging content, and a significant uptick in engagement across the board. But, beyond the metrics, it gave me something invaluable - time. Time to focus on strategy, on creativity, and on growing my business.

To anyone sitting on the fence about Start Scale Now's tailored content marketing assistant, let me just say: It's not just a tool, it's your next best investment. For me, it has not only been a game-changer but a career accelerator. And in this ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the game is not just an advantage, it's a necessity."

With our AI Consulting Services and Training Programs, Marketing Agency owners and Heads of Marketing Departmens can unlock the potential of AI for their marketing teams, drive business growth and position themselves as leaders in their industry.

How will you benefit?

Competitive Advantage
Increased efficiency
Improved Desicion Making
Data-driven innovation
Market insights & Enhanced Customer Experience
Cost Savings

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