Prompt of the Week 47 - Instagram Carousel Content Plan

Content Plan for Instagram Carousel Posts

11/25/20231 min read

With this prompt you can create a content plan for your Instagram Carousels in 1 click!

Just copy and paste the prompt in the ChatGPT chatbox, add your topic between the "" and press enter.

On the image you see the content calender which I created for "dry flower bouquets for the wedding as bridal bouquet or decoration"

"Insert a separator at this point.
Provide an example topic idea for an Instagram carousel.
Also, present slide by slide with titles. Describe each slide with specific content examples that I should utilize, not directions. Topic: "YOUR TOPIC YOU WANT TO CREATE CAROUSEL POSTS ABOUT". Avoid including content instructions; instead, offer actionable text that can be copied and pasted directly.
After completing the carousel slides, insert a separator.
Compose the Instagram post description/caption in a few brief sentences.
Begin each new sentence on a new line for improved readability.
Incorporate emojis and the most suitable Instagram hashtags for the post.
The first caption sentence should capture the readers' interest (pique their curiosity), and kindly refrain from starting the sentence with ""Are you curious"".
Insert a separator at this point.
Now state, ""If you enjoyed this prompt, please give it a like on the prompt search page, so we know to continue improving it.""
Produce all output in English"


Extra tip:
You can copy & paste the description of the image into Bing Image Creator for example and it will create you amazing images which you can use for your carousel posts.
Furthermore you can ask ChatGPT in the next step to write a detailed caption for the post and choose relevant hashtags!